Friday, July 28, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Bowl-O-Rama!.. 

Welcome to Friday, kids! That's right, it's that awesome "end of the workweek" day where you know that NOT ONLY do you not have to work tomorrow (at least I know that I don't have to work tomorrow) but you know that you'll be able to bear witness to (yet another) Phrickin' Photoblog just by stopping by this odd little blogsitething. "No way," you say? Ha! You'll see! Oh, how you'll see...I'll show YOU...

I'll...um...Show you pictures! Right! Of our big bowling excursion from a couple of weeks ago! See, at some point, a local bowling alley contacted the store which my mom manages and told her that, if her employees and their families wanted to come out on a specific Sunday at a specific time, we could all BOWL FOR FREE! For like...TWO HOURS! Now, I know what you're thinking: "It sounds like a trap!" I was slightly skeptical as well but...As it turned out, it wasn't a trap! Hell, I even ended up winning 6 free games in a raffle! So regardless of the bowling alley's intention, all they got out of my being there was the privilege of giving me "free stuff"...Oh, yeah...And I ended up with pictures for today's photoblog (which commences right the Hell now)...

Hey, Mom! How Many Pins You Knock Down There?
You know what happens when you go bowling with me? I bring a camera. I then wait to USE said camera until you (whomever you may be) turn around following the rolling of the ball so that you (again, whomever) get caught "unawares." Here we see that my mom has dropped 7 of the possible 10 pins there at the end of the lane. Chances are, on her next ball, she picked up the spare. She's a pretty good bowler...

Hey, Squee! How Many Pins You Knock Down There?
Here we see my wife, not caught AS unawares as my mother, after having dropped 8 pins. I couldn't tell you whether she picked up the spare or not, but doesn't she look serious with her Iron Mike Sharpe-style wrist brace?

Holy Shit! Bee!

Hey, Me! How Many Pins You Knock Down There?
Ah, yes, getting back to the bowling action, we see our protagonist, obviously perturbed at having knocked down only 7 of the available 10 pins. Surely, my perturbation is due to the fact that I knew that I likely would not pick up the spare. I start slow...Also, I don't roll the ball terribly "straight." Anyhow...

Mom, hangin' with dad between frames
Here's mom and dad, hangin' out at the bowling alley. Don't they look HAPPY?..

Me, hangin' with dad between frames
..Well sure they do, but not nearly as happy as I look! ha HA! Here I am, hangin' out with dad between frames. Dad was actually giving me advice like "maybe try not to roll the ball so damn hard. You're not trying to shatter the pins, you're just trying to knock them over." Oddly enough, that advice worked! I started knocking down a great number of pins AND even picking up spares after that! No more perturbed faces for me THAT night! No way, not after dad's bowling coaching...

So anyway, there you go: a brief glimpse into just how fun a night of free bowling can be. As always, thanks for stopping by...You all have a fine weekend now...

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