Thursday, July 27, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - Opposites DO Attract!.. 

Jeez, it's FINALLY Thursday...Hell, this week was going SO STINKIN" SLOW that I thought we might NEVER get here...Ok, I'm completely lying but, since I usually reflect on how FAST the week goes, I thought that "changing things up" a bit couldn't hurt...Anyhow, yeah, it's time once again for a wee peek into my fetid headmeats* via the magics that are another of those Illustration Friday submissions...This week's theme was "opposites," one which I really did find inspiring. Sadly, due to my schedule (and the lack of cooperation from said headmeats*) after trying a number of different things, I had to settle on this tiny sketch here:
click it, it gets ever so much bigger!
No. It's not Necrophelia, they're just pals.
So there's that. As always, thanks much for stopping by - you all have a fine Thursday now...
*Because "ripping someone off" just so happens to be the SECOND most sincere form of flattery, I completely ripped off that whole "headmeats" thing from (the very evil) El Sid.

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