Friday, June 23, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Photoblog's Greatest Hits!.. 

Yesterday evening, as I was sitting around and waiting to go play on some softball team that desperately needed someone to fill in for them (and we should emphasize the desperation aspect there, 'cause if people are getting around to calling ME, they're in some trouble), the wife asked me what I planned to put up on the ol' blogsitething for Photoblog Phriday come today. I responded with a heartfelt "nothing" and I really wasn't kidding: I haven't had anything worth scanning and sharing for a few weeks now (mostly due to my own laziness) and, consequently, I haven't had the occasion to bust out the digital camera and capture any images which would be good fodder for the "makin' fun." However, rather than TOTALLY cop out (like last Friday) and just put up some half-assed (more so than normal) doctored picture, I am going to pull a Monkey and post a "greatest hits" style Photoblog. Indeed, see the following photos again for the first time! Everything old is new again! I'm a fat, lazy bastard! Regardless, on with the "show."
click on 'em! They'll do a little dance! Except for how they won't. They will get bigger, though.

little Derek, big shoe
We start off today's "greatest hits" photo display with a charming photo of my wee self, obviously having kleptomaniac-style urges at a very young age. That's my dad's shoe that I'm carrying around there. I'm displaying this particular photo in an uncropped manner so that you all may bear witness to the "double-stack" television and that horrid burnt orange carpeting. The TV on the top worked, the one on the bottom did not, just so's you all know, so THAT's ok...But that chair! And that carpet! And my hair!..SCANDALOUS!

Collin. Hard at 'work'

I snapped this picture while Collin was working busily at his station (doing busy work, and things of that nature). I'll readily admit, he was less than pleased that I took his picture, so much so that he threatened to not give me a Christmas present if I posted it. Ah, what the Hell, I'll get lots of other gifts, right? That'll learn him...And good!

haaaaaaaaa-ooooooowww...Here I am displaying the universal "Ninja readiness pose." What's that? You say that it just appears that I've been surprised by the camera in this picture? HA! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT THE CAMERA TO THINK, FOOL! Ha ha! I have that camera right where I want it...Prepare for the ass-whippin', camera!

The Not-So-Magic Mushroom
Hey, nice hair, Heather...Looks a lot like the extra life mushroom from that stupid Super Mario Brothers game...As an aside, that chick in the background appears to be practicing backhanding herself in the nose. Keep workin' at it, Holly! You'll get it eventually! In fact, once you master that attack, you can battle Pissed-Off Mushroom Head Girl for ULTIMATE SUPREMACY!

Me in grade 9
Ok, fine. I hear ya, Shut up. "You only make fun of other people," you whine (pathetically). "you only make OTHER people look bad," you say in a condescending, snotty manner. Fine. You asked for it. I have no problem making myself look bad (it's not hard) and what better way is there to do THAT than by showing my crappy yearbook photo from 1988. Nice hair, buddy! Nice shirt, too...Wow, no wonder I got picked on...

Give Me
Heh! Here's a great frickin' shot that was snapped while my wife, myself and my parents were all enjoying what we were told was "food" at our local Black Angus in celebration of my wife's recent birthday. Give me angry! YES! THAT"S IT! MORE! heh...Man, they look MAD...

dig those glasses!
What better way to start off finish up today's mom-themed greatest hits photoblog than with a shot of mom cooking up a hearty dinner in the shanty lean-to broke-down shack humble abode where her and my dad resided when they first came to town way back in 1969? Dig those glasses! You know, the back of the picture says "cooking dinner," but, now that I give it a better look, it doesn't appear as if there's as much "cooking" going on as "glaring." "Glaring at dinnertime, 1969." But what the hell do I know, right?..

Aaaaand there you go...The first in what I hope won't end up being a large series of the Photoblog's Greatest Hits is now in the books...As always, thanks for stopping by: you all have a fine weekend...

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