Friday, May 19, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Portrait(s) of the Goofball as a Young Boy... 

Lo and behold, what with yesterday being "Thursday," we find ourselves finally at Friday. This, of course, means that I'm about to hit you all with (yet another) Phrickin' Photoblog to cure that "lookin' at pictures" jones that I know all of you gots real bad. This week's photoblog is another of the narcissistic variety, being all about "me" when I was a real small kid. Now I know that you fine folks are terribly anxious to get to the pictures so I shall make you wait no longer...BRING ON THE VISUALS!
click on the little bastards to see them bigger

Appears I've quite the load in me pants
So here I am at a mere one month old, nary a tooth in my melon head but surely what appears to be a mighty load in my tiny pants. Man, I'll bet I was a smelly little baby...I can't decide whether I was "fussy" in this picture or just "Stretching" after a satisfying nap...Either way, there I am...

It's my little Evel-themed trike!
Oh Hell yeah, look at that bitchin' Evel Knievel themed trike! I TOTALLY could jump over like...17 matchbox cars with that thing...Except for how I didn't have 17 matchbox cars...Still, I coulda' done it...

5th birthday! woo hoo!
It's my 5th birthday! WOO HOO! See? I got a cake with a rabbit on top and I got FISH! Yeah, goldfish for my birthday! As a sidenote, that was the birthday that my mom learned the hard way that I did, in fact, know how to spell. Indeed, she tried to be sly and tell my sister that I was getting "F-I-S-H" for my birthday and I immediately piped up "I'm getting a FISH!?" Seriously, try a harder word next time...Like "M-A-S-E-R-A-T-I."

I was always afraid of the diving board
There's me on the diving board. Obviously, since I ain't dressed for swimmin', I wasn't planning on diving into the pool the day this shot was taken. Seriously, though, I wouldn't have jumped off the board anyway, I was afraid of the diving board until I was like...13...Screw off, diving board...

what's that, mom?
Me: "Hey, mom...What's that?"
Mom: "Why it's a little Mexican baby, Derek."
Me: "Why do we have a little Mexican baby, mom?"
Mom: "We sell them to the highest bidder! How do you think we can afford such a lovely couch and I can wear the latest in psychedelic fashions?"
Me: "And me these stylish overalls...I get it now...But where do Mexican babies come from in the first place?"
Mom: "Ha ha ha, aren't you silly...You know as well as I do, Mexican babies come from Pueblo..."

And so, there you go...Yet another Phrickin' Photoblog is in the books. Thanks for stopping by, kids, and have yourselves a fine weekend...

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