Friday, April 21, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-I'm Gonna Be So Dead... 

Have you ever reminded yourself, right before you go to bed, to do something specific the following morning? Have you also, then, felt the burning shame and stupidity that accompanies the point in time where you realize, way too late, that reminding yourself of something before you go to bed is a really idiotic idea? WRITE YOURSELF A NOTE, FOR GOD'S SAKE! YOU WILL NEVER REMEMBER WHAT YOU TOLD YOURSELF RIGHT BEFORE BED WHEN YOU WAKE UP THE NEXT MORNING BECAUSE, CHANCES ARE, YOUR DUMB ASS WILL BE RUNNING LATE AND BE PREOCCUPIED! IDIOT!..

So, anyway, that's pretty much what happened to today's Phrickin' Photoblog...I wanted to grab the camera this morning so I could download the pictures which we took during our recent trip to St. Louis and share them with you good people but, as you can probably guess by now, I forgot to grab the camera and so now I'm forced to place my very life on the line by displaying childhood photos of my (lovely) wife. Now, before we get too far into this, in my defense, SHE GAVE ME THE PICTURES which you will soon see and has asked me several times since when I planned on using them for a photoblog...Well, kids, after many weeks of avoiding the issue, that (fateful) day has finally arrived. Prepare to gaze upon my wife, before she was my wife, in all of her awkward adolescence...The weird twin pictures begin....NOW:
remember: you click, they grow...Amazing, yeah?

Oh dear Lord, IT'S GOT TWO HEADS! What IS that!? Ohhh, right! That's my wife there on the left sittin' in a big chair with her twin sister Shannon! Aww, aren't they cute with their matching feety pajamas and their mullet haircuts? Simply adorable...

on the SIDEWALK, not in the grass!
What're you DOIN', kid? Don't you know that you ride the Big Wheel on the SIDEWALK, not in the grass! You'll never get goin' THAT way! Actually, now that I examine this picture a bit more closely, I don't even think that those stubby little legs could even REACH the Big Wheel pedals there...THEY JUST PLACED THAT KID ON THERE! It's probably not even her Big Wheel! This photo is nothing more than a staged fake! I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK! Hoax! Hoax!..

ever the studious one
Ignoring the obviously awesome Salvation Army Couch, here we see those twins again, my wife on the left, ever the studious one...Observe how engrossed she is in current events, diligently poring over all that the local newspaper has to offer whilst her sister vies for band geek immortality as she does her best to figure out how to play...whatever the Heck that thing is there...This picture rules...

Recorder Class ROCKS!
But not as much as THIS picture! RECORDER CLASS ROCKS! YEAH!

the medium-sized right arm of JUSTICE!
And now that the previous picture has seen the light of day via the internets, this is likely what I shall face when I arrive home this evening: the medium-sized right arm of JUSTICE! This here picture was taken while my wife was attending college at (most likely) the University of Northern Colorado...In this shot, she appears to be showing off a temporary FCA tattoo...See? Even them Jesus kids secretly want tattoos...

skate like the wind, little one!
Awww, what better way to close out today's Squee-themed photoblog than with a picture of her all tiny on a pair of quads? Isn't that simply PRECIOUS!? SKATE LIKE THE WIND, LITTLE ONE! SKATE LIKE THE WIND!..

So there you all are, enough photos of my wife at a young age to surely land me in hot water for at least a good half-hour later today...Thanks for stopping by and have a phenomenal weekend...


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