Friday, February 10, 2006

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Narcis...Narccis...Oh, Forget It... 

Hey, look...It's Friday...Hooray...My back hurts something awful today (or perhaps it's my kidney) and I jammed my not-so-good knee last night so I'm in a bit of a "bad mood." As such, the usual fanfare and/or big introduction that usually accompanies the (vaunted) Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday shall be skipped and replaced with a significantly more "efficient" introduction:

Here come the friggin' pictures...They're all of me...Enjoy.

holy crap!
Here I am at a very young age looking up at my dad in near total disbelief. I think what I like most about this picture is the fact that my dad has obviously had enough of my incredulous stare...What's that TV Guide doing on the floor? Couldn't we afford an endtable?..

with Grandpa Widegren
Here I am being held by my Grandpa Widegren. Look at all of that hair he has! He STILL has all of his hair! WHY COULDN'T I HAVE RECEIVED THAT KIND OF HAIR GENE!? Life is cruel...

with Grandpa Knight
Not to be outdone, here I am hangin' out with my late Grandpa Knight. Yes, as should be obvious, I ended up with a hair gene not unlike his. Damn shame I couldn't end up with his kind of metabolism...

just stick him in the closet with the rest of the junk
It seems that, when my parents tired of my shenanigans, they simply stuck me in a closet with a bunch of junk and called it good...Apparently, I liked hangin' out with the junk...It was a win-win situation...

nice hair, kid
Nice hair, goofball...

preparing to meet with destiny
Last, but surely not least, here I am on my wedding day some 5+ years ago, ready to meet with destiny (also my wife) and get that whole "marryin' thing" over with. Among the groomsmen, you might recognize a beardless Collin in the back with his tie all crooked. Likely, this may be the only time I'll see him in a tuxedo...Boy, those were sharp outfits...

So that's that...When you get a chance, send me some of those "pain relieving back patches" and a couple bottles of Advil...Oh, yeah..."have a fine weekend."

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