Thursday, February 16, 2006

Illustration Friday on Thursday - How Simple is THAT?.. 

And welcome back. I trust that you all had a fine "hump day" full of...Well, whatever you would fill up a hump day with. As you should already be aware, it is Thursday and time (once again) for me to unveil my latest Illustration Friday offering...This week's theme was "simple" and, while it may initially sound simple to illustrate "simple," it can be a slight bit of a challenge. As I did with "glamour" a couple weeks back, I will rationalize my drawing for you in the following manner: It would simplify my life if someone (perhaps government man from the government) would just toss me a big stack of cash...Hence, this:
Click him, he gets real big...
Ooh! Pick me, pick me!
So there you go...By the by, nobody won the big Powerball jackpot...365+ million dollars, kids...That there is a Hell of a lot of cash...

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