Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Are You Talkin' Trash To Me?.. 

Sidenote (or "topnote," whatever): For the first time since I started this wee blog, I am being inundated with hits. it seems that the AOL news service picked up on yesterday's post about Terrell Owens and quoted it in one of their articles (down in a little "bloggers react" box). As such, I'm probably close to exceeding what bandwidth I have for pictures and such. So, if you come around and the little pictures refuse to do the loading, that's pretty much why...Now, on to regular "content"...

And so, much like last season (even though there was no NHL hockey then), I am involved in Rocket Jones' Hockey Whoopass Jamboree. The rules of the Jamboree are very simple: You claim your team (the Avalanche, in my case) and display that team's logo (proudly) on your site. When your team plays a team (in real life) which another Jamboree participant has claimed, you are encouraged to "talk the trash" to said "other participant." You then watch the game and, if your team emerges victorious, you gloat like there is no tomorrow. If, for some odd reason, your team LOSES, you are sad. You feel shame AND you have to display the nasty, greasy logo of the team which beat your team for a period of (no less than) 24 hours on your site...

Sounds fun, yeah?

Tonight, my (beloved) Nordiques Avalanche take on the Sharks at Pepsi Center. Now, these "Sharks" just happen to be the team which ol' Rocket Jones has claimed as his own. The requisite "trash talk" started today around 9:00am (Mountain time) and continues (in grand fashion, I might add) right about here:

Yes! The Avs DO rule! Thank you for pointing that out, Ted!

Enjoy the game tonight...I plan to...

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