Friday, October 07, 2005

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Flattops, Pompadours and 'fros Galore!.. 

Once again, I offer the admonishment that those of you who have yet to participate in the (big time) write the dialogue for the random (yet spooky) comic strip contest should click through to that and participate! Everybody likes "prizes," right? Everyone digs fame (and glory), right? voting will surely start on Monday, so get at it!...

And here we are, finally at the end of the workin' week on a Friday with the weekend staring us straight in the face...You've no doubt made your way to my humble blogsitething this day in eager anticipation of the (storied) Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday and, kids, I aim to please...I actually have "photos" to display today! On top of that, they even have a common theme! Today, I give to you: pictures of my dad...Now, keep in mind that I do this at risk of great personal peril, for I know that, after I'm finished "making the fun" of the pictures to follow, I'll surely fall out of favor, at least temporarily, with ol' dad. But you know what? Nobody said that doing the right thing was ever easy. With that said: on with the exhibition!

portrait of the old man as a young man
We start off our chronological display today with a picture of my father as a young man. At least, I ASSUME that this is my dad. It was in the tub with the rest of the pictures of him, so...I figure that it has to be him...I figure that this must have been a school picture of some sort, because he's got a polo shirt on...Anyway, moving on...

moving into junior high
Here's another school photo of my old man, one which I assume was taken right around 7th grade...Nice flattop, kid!

promoted to 8th grade
And here we have a picture that offers me at least a grain of evidence as to when it was taken. On the back of this was written: "Jess, 8th grade?" Despite the hesitance on the part of whomever wrote on the back, I'm going to go right ahead and say that this photograph does indeed depict my father when he was an 8th grader. Here you can see a sign of things to come: surliness when forced to wear a tie. Again: diggin' the flattop...

the pre-photoshop days
Here we have a family portrait that was assembled, I imagine, while my dad was in high school. I say "assembled," because this is clearly pre-Photoshop® cut n' paste "magic." You want a family portrait? NO PROBLEM! Some cat in Grand Junction, Colorado can just splice together random pictures and make you one! The dead giveaway that this is the case is how stinkin' MASSIVE Charlene (second from the left) and Nancy (second from the right) appear to be. At these proportions, you could assume that they both top 7 feet tall and had to be on their knees for the purposes of the portrait. Since neither is true, the verdict is nothing more than "old timey photo splicin'." Oh yeah, dad's on the left there, in the stylish sweater and pompadour.

honeymooning at the zoo
Jumping ahead a few years, here we have a shot of my dad, taken by my mom, when they were at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo during their honeymoon. Still mostly with the pompadour, but we can see somewhat of a preview of the 70's (and the colors contained therein) with the sweater that dad is sportin'.

let's go for a jog
fast-forward 9 years: is that Ron Jeremy? NO! It's 1978 and that's dad, sportin' his brand new 1970's jogging suit (and awesome fro and 'stache). I hear that jogging suits were "all the rage" in the late '70s and early '80s. Hell, I may have even had one, I can't recall. Anyway, dig that collar! Yeah!..

Christmas, 1979
Finally, here we are during the Christmas holiday of 1979. It appears that my dad still has the 'fro, but the 'stache has given way to what will become a full beard. No jogging suit for Christmas this year, but what I DO find intriguing is the death-choke that my sister is placing on her "Severed Head of Barbie" toy back in the background there...It's like that one movie about the head!..Creepy...

Anyhow, that's that! You all have a fine weekend now and don't forget to compete for a decent prize and a modicum of "fame and reknown." That is all...

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