Friday, September 09, 2005

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-KITTY!.. 

Hey, don't be all "like that." It's STILL Friday, even if it is like...later in the day on Friday. I'm STILL putting up a Phrickin' Photoblog for you to "ooh" and "ahh" over. That's right. Settle down.

Todays exhibition of pictorial goodness features my pet cat Rita who, sadly, is no longer with us. If you're so inclined (to simper and cry like a little girl), you can read more about her right here. For now, though, ON WITH THE PHOTOS! You click, they puff up, etc.

OK, Hep Cats...Off Of The Car!
One of the places which Rita liked to perch was right on top of my mom or dad's car underneath their carport. This picture was taken by my parents' neighbor. Observe the indifference with which Rita regards him! This will be a theme with her, as you shall soon discover...

I'm ignoring you
Here's a good shot of her on the front lawn of the house on Hackberry. She's doing her best to pretend to be looking at something else while the picture is being snapped. Perhaps she's looking for something to kill...She was good at the killin'...

it's cold
Here's a similar shot taken at my parents' townhome a couple of years later. Rita's most likely looking to come inside due to the fact that it's cold outside. (The photo doesn't show real well the fact that this was the only "clear patch" on the patio, the rest of it was covered in "snow," a cold substance which cats are not terribly fond of).

let's go to Florida
Continuing the theme of "cat on object," here she is perched on the step of my parents' neghbor's motor home. The neighbors loved Rita almost as much as we did, so she was welcome to sit there as long as she pleased. Of course, now that I think of it, "permission" really didn't matter to her all that much.

I'm busy...go away.
Rita, like most cats, enjoyed solitude on a regular basis. She was quite fond of hiding underneath the bushes at the Hackberry house. Again she is displaying an indignant "I don't see you" type of expression.

hello, wall
Rita enjoyed itching her chin on the corners of the walls in my parents' townhome. Here she is, doing just that.

rub my head
For all of her indignance, Rita was a sucker for a pillow. All you had to do was grab a pillow from the couch and place it on your lap and, in no time at all, it would be filled up with "cat." of course, once she was ensconced on the pillow, she expected whomever had said pillow on their lap to rub her head and/or scratch her back. She certainly led a challenging life...

Well, that's that...Now you all have a fine weekend, filled with things like head rubs and lounging in the sun...

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