Friday, August 12, 2005

The Inevitable return of Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday! 

And we're back. It's been a good two-week hiatus for the ol' phrickin' photoblog but, like they say, the show must go on, whether you like it or not. Today's photoblog truly is of the random variety...Often times, I'll peruse my computer here at work and, just as often, I'll be amazed at what I'll find hiding in the "nooks and crannies." Stuff that I've forgotten about, pictures that were taken and that I'd forgot existed, etc. Today's photoblog includes images such as what I described: lost or forgotten images, resurrected for your viewing "pleasure." Ready? here we go...
they get bigger, but only when you click them real good.

no assing alowed
Holy God, has it really been TEN YEARS since this photo was taken? It HAS! That's me on the right there, giving my approval of half-assed sign vandalism...On the left there, that's Ryan, with whom I used to be "friends." This was during our trip to Michigan in 1995. Damn...1995...Moving on...

The Crusha'
Some time ago, I decided to take some of the stock photography which we have here at work, add dialogue and then print them out...I then framed these things and hung them around our home. I did this in an effort to see how long these stupid things could go unnoticed by "friends" or "family" who might happen to visit. I'm happy to report that, once they were noticed, they were generally well received, even to the point of people requesting their own set, as it were...This is one of those images...

Go Over The Top!'
...and this is another...

Grandma and Grandpa'
This here is a very old photo of my Grandma and Grandpa from my dad's side. I retouched the photo a few years back (it had fallen into disrepair). Look how young they are! Charles, my grandfather, is deceased (he passed in 1992). Lila, my grandmother, is still alive, even despite having a quadruple bypass and also having blockages removed from arteries in her neck last week. Grandpa earned a purple heart in combat in World War II...Grandma, on the other hand...well...um...My dad says that Wednesdays were "beatin' days" when he was a kid...Way to go, grandma!

Go to sleep, kitty'
Here's a picture from 6 years ago, perhaps, wherein I'm putting "Bootsy," my sister-in-law's cat, to sleep with my voodoo magic (also "charm.") The magenta pillow, it gives me power over the leetle animals...

Andy And Ben E.'
Continuing with the "completely Frickin' Random" theme today, here's a picture of my buddy Andy with none other than BEN E. BY-GOD KING! That's right, THE Ben E. King of Stand by Me fame. Andy tells the story of how he came to meet Mr. King better than I can, but...Look! It's Ben E. King!

rock face'
And speaking of Andy (we were), here's a photo of him from I don't know how long ago. But look at the hair! Headbangin'! Yeah! Rock!

And there's that...Thanks for comin' around for the whole Friday thing! You all have a fine weekend, now...

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