Monday, July 11, 2005

So, When You Say "Nothing," You Mean?.. 

Hey, look...It's "Monday" already.

I got nothin' to post, just so you know. I WANT to have something to post, I just don't. That's kind of why I'm...posting...this...

I never did get around to writing anything over the weekend.
I never did get around to finishing the audio entry which I recorded two weeks ago.
I didn't even get around to scanning in any more crappy little sketches.

Again: not a damn thing.

I am, however, due in "audio" in less than 20 minutes to record a spot for one of our dealers wherein I'm supposed to imitate the late Wolfman Jack. This actually isn't that monumental of a task for me, if you consider that I'm a white kid who's being asked to imitate a dead white guy who made his living attempting to imitate...well...a "non-white person."

It's less hard than you think, really...

Still, wish me luck. Oh, yeah, and "have a fine Monday." You know you want to.

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