Monday, May 09, 2005

Where The Buffalo ACTUALLY Roam... 

I pulled the following info from the Colorado Springs Police Blotter. When I checked the blotter today, this was the top entry:

Cut directly from the blotter, my modifications and comments are in red.

Incident Date May 9, 2005 Time 11:34:00 AM Division Gold Hill Shift I

Title Other Location 240 S. 21st st.

Summary On 05/09/05 at approxiametly(sic) 11:34 AM, five buffalo escaped from the G&C packing company into a westside neigborhood. Ironically enough, just down the road from where we (I) work...Officer's(sic) responded to the scene, where the buffalo had attempted to escape into a neighborhood. those fuckers...Officer's(sic) put the buffalo down "Hey, buffalo! Your mother dresses you funny! Yeah! And your feets, they smell!"before any injuries could occur to the citizens that resided in the neighborhood.
I certainly hope that after "putting them down," the officers then returned the buffalo to the packing plant because, simply put, buffalo is good eatin'.


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