Friday, May 06, 2005

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-I'm THIS Many!.. 

Celebrating the fact that it is, in fact, Friday, It is my great pleasure to bring you the unbridled joy that is (yet another) Phrickin' Photoblog. You love them! You said so...BOW BEFORE THE PHOTOBLOG! ah-heh...Anyhow, today's photoblog is made up of pictures that happened to be snapped during the celebration of my "birthday." This "birthday" occurred back in March, which gives you a little idea as to how far behind I am having photos developed. Of course, that's neither here nor there since said photos are now, in fact, not only developed, but also scanned and ready to "share." THE SHARING BEGINS NOW!

I'm this many
What better way to start of a birthday photogblog than by (proudly) displaying NOT ONLY the birthday boy, but the cake as well? Here I am, proudly displaying the crispy rice treats that we enjoyed in lieu of traditional cake. Also, despite how it looks, I wasn't turning 13. I guess I simply wasn't paying attention...Silly me...TURN THE "CAKE" AROUND, STUPID!..

Check this shirt out
Ah, yes...Here I am displaying one of the many awesome gifts which I received on that oh-so-special occasion. Just so's you know, this shirt ROCKS! It also "fits," which is REALLY a bonus in my opinion...

Hairy little leprechaun
Y'know...I really do feel bad for Collin sometimes. I mean, it must be rough going through life and NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD GROOMING PRODUCTS...I think that, for his birthday this year, I'm gonna take him to Supercuts...As they say in the southern parts of these great United States, "boy, you better get yo'self a haircut, or a dogtag."

no photos, please
It seems that SOME people don't LIKE the camera...It would appear that SOME PEOPLE think that the camera STEALS THEIR SOUL! That, or dad really was asleep and mom really was distracted. Either way, you can now get a good feel for the "riveting excitement" that was the evening of my birthday celebration...Whoop-de-shit...

where the magic happens
And speaking of excitement (we were), here is the rack unit from which I run the big time karaoke show...We were, of course, singing the karaoke that night and having a "blast," as the kids say. It's fun to sing, even if you really really suck at it (like I do)...

birfday sammich
And finally, I present to you the above picture. Apparently, before "presents" and even before "cake," It is tradition to be presented with your "birthday sammich." here, you can see that my mom is taking great pride in delivering said birthday sammich to me. It was ham. It tasted good. yay for ham.

You all have yourself a fine weekend, now...


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