Friday, April 22, 2005

We Have to Win!..We Must Win Or I Will Explode!.. 

The "Sharks" (the recreational hockey team that I play in goal for) simply HAD to beat the Blue Dawgs last night. No two ways about it, kids, If there was ever a "must win" "statement game" "other random sports cliche" situation in intermediate rec league hockey, last night was pretty much it. "Why," you ask? HISTORY, FOOL! We'd beaten the (stinking) Blue Dawgs once already this season, but the LAST time we played the (stinking) Blue Dawgs, they put up 10 goals to our measly 2, in effect "kicking our ass" and possibly "taking names" at the same time. The (stinking) Blue Dawgs were also coming off of a big win against the Sufferin' Bastards who, despite my personal previous success against THAT team, had recently beaten us Sharks in a convincing fashion. Granted, those 2 losses account for the ONLY 2 losses we've suffered for the season to this point, but We (Sharks) were also short (at least) 2 of our better players for the game last night, one of whom is an extremely capable defenseman. Look, I know full well that this ain't the NHL, but it sucks to lose and it's fun to win, especially since I hadn't won more than a game or two in two years with my (stupid) old team before joining the Sharks. In addition to that, when there's only 5 teams in the league (as is the case with our league now), being in first place is a tenuous situation at best, no matter how big you think your lead is. Now, nothin' more than "pride" and "bragging rights" over beer in the parking lot after the game is at stake in these situations, but I really don't like to lose. Losing feels crappy. Winning rocks. We all wanted to win...

So, with all of that buildup, you'd think that I'd go in to detail about the game itself...You'd be wrong.

After it was all said and done, we beat the Blue Dawgs 6-3...Pride and bragging rights are safe...for now...You see tonight, we play the softball...

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