Friday, April 08, 2005

Phrickin' Photoblog Phriday-Retro Edition... 

So, in my normal blog travels this week, I couldn't help but notice that Bad News Hughes had posted a (relatively) embarrassing set of photos (and "stuff") which he scanned from one of his high school yearbooks. After seeing that, I thought to myself "Hey, if you're REALLY strapped for content..." That, plus I'll head off that whole "blackmail picture" blog idea (goofy as it is) by just...doing it...to myself...ha. Ha ha.

In addition to all of THAT, I went one better. Yes I did, I scanned these (embarrassing) photos of myself from the innards of one of my JUNIOR HIGH yearbooks. That's right, kids, what follows in this entry are the pictures of yours truly from the 1988-1989 Sproul Junior High yearbook. To quote the "Barenaked Ladies", this is me in grade 9, baby, yeah. This is me in grade 9.
click on any of the photos for a larger (more embarrassing) version.

Me in grade 9
How better to start off making myself look bad than by showing my crappy yearbook photo from 1988. Nice hair, buddy! Nice shirt, too...Wow, no wonder I got picked on...

Football team
Here is the group shot of the Spartan football team. I've provided a bright yellow arrow so that you know which fat kid was me. The best part about THIS picture is that we were all staring into the sun, waiting for the picture to be taken. You can see that a lot of us kids, me included, couldn't keep from squinting. The sun, eet burns.

Wrasslin team
Here's a picture of the Spartan "A Squad" wrestling team. There I am, right up front, on the left. That particular year, I wrestled in the "super-heavyweight" class, bad hair and all.

And here I am, wrasslin' in said "super-heavyweight" division. Even though I lost to the chunky bastard on the left there, he was the only chunky bastard that I lost to all season. Yay me.

Pep Rally'
This picture was probably taken during some sort of pep rally assembly. I am sure that we were implored to "make noise" to determine which grade level could claim the title of "noisiest." I'm there, in my blue sweater and my jeans. and bad hair. But I'm makin' noise, dammit!

Pep Rally'
Finally, we have a picture of the Journalism class, who had the dubious honor of putting together the school newspaper and the yearbook (which the pictures were scanned from). There I am, in the back, looking slightly ticked off. I can't say why, but it DOES appear that, at the time that THIS picture was snapped, I had started to do SOMETHING with my hair. Not much, but something.

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