Thursday, February 03, 2005

Keep Searchin'...Follow The Sun, If Need Be... 

So, since all the kids are doin' it, I figured "why not me?" I think the simple fact is that, when someone posts about odd searches which lead to their blog, it compels whomever is reading to check their OWN search stuff, if they have the ability to do so.

Luckily, I have that ability...

Here are searches which have led to the Son of Cheese recently:

seventies "skate party" music "list"
K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Thelma Houston and Daddy Dewdrop...In case you were wondering.

Son of a Bitch Dip
These people need to be more polite towards their food...I mean, really...

about moldy cheese
Um...Whaddaya need to know beyond the fact that it ain't good eatin'?

pizza hut phone number "indianapolis"
Can't help you...Don't live there...Never been there...

"kraut juice" frank's
Hell yeah...I hope that they listened to it...

widefield high school reunion
Yeah, it's...Um...at John Lucero's house...Tomorrow...Show up at 5am...Bang on the door...Seriously...

La Raza Pizza indianapolis
Dammit, I said I don't live there...Wait...La Raza PIZZA?..I smell audio entry...

potato sid for rack of lamb
What? Sounds evil (and starchy)...

Ok, ok, I know..."Nothing spectacular," I hear you say...Ah, but I get the ODDEST search queries hitting my retired Bizarro Collin site "Fizzle and Poop." I share such things with you...NOW!

sick ass fonts
I got a couple with polio and three that have Lou Gherig's disease, but that's about it. Oh, yeah, and one has the "croup."

pet smart poop be gone
Yes, please make it go away, much like MAGIC...


shirley q liquor shithead
I dunno who this Shirley Q is, but she sounds like a mean drunk. Wonder if she's related to Suzie...

make custom poop
Uh...Um...Eat confetti, maybe?

my dick smells like poop
Good lord, man! Don't get so sloppy drunk next time!

why do gorillas throw poop
Ask my dad...

deliver poop to a friends home
It better be IN A PAPER BAG and ON FIRE, mister!

poop rubbing

So there you have it...The most recent odd searches to lead to my digital doorstep. Suffice to say, that if any of these people had come around in real life looking for such crap (poop)...Well...Colorado has that "Make My Day" law...

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