Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fake Ads Are The Best Kind... 

Isn't it nice when things seem to just "fall into place?" That's kind of what happened with today's entry, yet another "fake ad" which will fill space until I can get my lazy brain to squeeze out some funny stories or somethin'...I was perusing some of our stock photographs looking for inspiration when I found the picture of the "office guy" screaming. Of course, I instantly thought "voices in my head" and ran with it. After finding a few more good "screamy" pictures, I decided to go back to a format which I had used already, in this case, the Dark Minion Club.

*disclaimer: Contrary to what SOME people say, I am NOT a minion of Satan...Now that I have that out of the way, I present today's fake advertisement:

dark ad 2

when you click on it, it gets "big" and "readable." Don't be shy! Clicky!

I've had a Dark Minion ringer tee for sale in the ol' store for a while. I'm thinking that a tote bag, or thong, with the Dark Minion logo may sell more (being that "one" would be more than "zero").

Oh, wait, the thong is already taken...um...Anyway, enjoy the ad, kids!

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