Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Clean Up Your Room!.. 

I got to looking at my sidebar (It's that "thing" to the left there) while "clicking through" to other "blogs" (and stuff) and realized that I was overdue for a wee bit of "housekeeping." As such, I rearranged some linky things a bit, denoted which blog links are retired (or broken) and tidied up the Hockey Whoopass Jamboree section (it's way at the bottom). in doing the last operation mentioned, I realized that I had been "remiss," which is not something that I should be "proud" of. Now, I'm not fully convinced that anyone's actually PAYING ATTENTION to the whole whoopass jamboree thing, but I am a man of my word, contrary to what some dirty Chiefs fans think...As such, I shall now display the logos of the teams which took the (mighty) Hershey Bears to the proverbial "woodshed" over the last month (or so)...Ready? Here we go:

Portland Pirates

On December 4, 2004, the Portly Pirates of Portland (Maine, I assume) edged the formidable Bears 4 to 3. As such, I owe "Nic" the above logo...

Lowell Lock Monsters

On December 12, 2004, The Lowly Lock Monsters of Lowell smacked the living crapola out of the Chocolatey Bear Cubs, winning 4 to absolutely nothing. As such, the above display of logo-related bliss is owed to "Kin."

Bridgeport Sound Tigers

On December 15, 2004, The Sullen Sound Tigers of Bridgeport made Ursa Major go out back and cut his own switch, as it were. They then proceeded to beat him as if he were a redheaded stepbear. Final tally: 4 to 1. The result of THAT game means that I owe the above logo to "Tuning Spork."

Kansas Shitty Chiefs

Finally, so that certain people will cease to believe that I am a nefarious schemer who will not keep his word (even when he doesn't remember giving it), I display the (classic) Kansas City logo above. As thoroughly "awesome" as it is, It would certainly be more appropriate (if not totally awesome) if the Injun fella' were carrying a set of golf clubs. After all, 2 teams from the AFC West made the playoffs aaaaand...Them Chiefs weren't one of 'em.

Did I mention that Brian Leifker kicked my ass, and the collective ass of everyone who competed in "Monkey Ball," which was a fantasy football league that I was "commissioner" of? The whole thing is disturbing, really...Still, way to go, Brian. We'll make you suffer next season...I swear it.

Well, kids, now that I have all of THAT out of the way, I should get some of the work which I get paid to do...done...Or something...Adios for now, Muchachos!

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