Monday, December 06, 2004

Big Time Audio Content Post (Replete With Plant Violence)... 

Yes, kids, it's once again time for big time audio content fun. However, before I have you listen to today's (audio) offering, a nearly 4 minute odyssey about organic boxing, I should preface it so that it makes more sense. Or "sense" at all. Here comes context, kids!

One of those links on my sidebar (which you all should be following because, c'mon, I don't just put 'em there for show) goes straight to Andy C.'s Adverbloggin'. This blog is a fun little place wherein this "Andy" posts about how much he loves Halo 2 and how much he loves the "SockHobbit." One of his recent posts, which he (cleverly) titled Vines vs. Shoots, begs the question: "Which would win? Bamboo plants or blackberry bushes?"

Well, as obvious as the answer to this question (for the ages) IS, I felt it better to spend my time (wisely, I might add) creating a clip of a "sports broadcast" of sorts detailing how this (epic) battle might go down...

Did I mention that it's almost 4 minutes long?

click here for the sounds, baby!

Bonus points for remembering what the last little bit in the audio is from. I don't pass out "bonus points" often, kids, so this is SO worth it...Kind of...

Anyhow, enjoy.

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