Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I was "remiss"... 

yesterday, as I answered all of the wonderful questions that I did answer, I happened to completely miss TWO WHOLE questions. This happened because the comments box doesn't automatically refresh...I didn't feel too terrible bad about this seeing as A) One question was from Collin, who already had a couple questions answered and B) The other was from Smart-Ass Sean who is currently on top in our fantasy football standings.

Still, though, I'm a "man of my word," and Collin's gettin' all "pushy" about 'em, so I will tackle said "late questions" now:

Collin wished for knowledge regarding such things:
How many taquitos does it take to equal internal happiness?
This is easy..."2," but this is providing that said pair of taquitos is found with two (2) cheese enchiladas, one (1) order of rice, one (1) order of beans and two (2) flour tortillas...Maybe a couple tortilla chips...And a diet Pepsi...

Sean passed this little query on:
Exactly how many times were you dropped on your head before I met you in the 5th grade? Why did you move BACK to Widefield when hell had vacancies?
I fell off of my bunkbed once...Hit my head there...Fell off of the front porch once...Hit my head there...Man, I can't COUNT that high! As to the second part of your "question..."

It's not like I'm living over where YOU used to live...


aaaaaand that's it! Again, thanks for participating everybody!

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