Monday, October 11, 2004

Seek and Ye Shall Find... 

But...I'm pretty damned sure that the people who found my humble little blog via the following web searches certainly were expecting a different result when they clicked through...Here is a sampling of some of my favorite search terms which people have strung together and found my blog with...

colorado springs july 28 2004 bridge homeless
How convenient that I would speak of homeless folk in Colorado Springs in late July. I doubt that my doctored pictures of transients filled this searcher's needs, however...

telemarketers are assholes
And the awesome part is...They get paid for it.

krunk bunk
Ha! And I still don't know what "krunk" really is!

At least they didn't add "juicy goodness," or I'd REALLY have to wonder.

linda cohn moron
Glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks so...

i love vietnamese
Yes, but not in the same way, I'd wager...

calgary rub and tugs
What!? For the love of God, why the Hell are people searching for things like this!? Worse yet, HOW THE HELL DID THIS COME UP WITH MY SITE? Badnewshughes, I could see, but me?

damn the illusion of movement damn it to hell
Now that's just awesome right there.

Oh, crap...Really?

filled his pants
And you'd want to find this because?..

Simple. To the Point. Disturbing.

mouse and cheese pinewood derby cars built by girls
Aww, yeah...By the way, Mofos, through Google, I'm number one with THIS query...

+eclipse "cherry chill" cough medicine
To the delight of the folks at Wrigley, I'm sure, I'm #2 through Google here...

Mortal Kombat Dissection Fatalities
Number one, kids. I'll bet that Midway loves me...

how many appetizers should I order for the christmas party
Someone not only asked "Jeeves" this question, but clicked through to me. The answer is simple: none. Let those other ungrateful bastards get their own.

So that's some of 'em...I know it's not nearly as exciting as some of the search terms that you other bloggers get hit with, but it's all I have. IT'S ALL I HAVE!...(sob).


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