Saturday, October 23, 2004

The October Of Our Discontent...Well, Not Mine, But... 

Checking my crystal ball (which I keep next to my cashews and gummi bears), I forsee disharmony in Shannon and Aldie's North Las Vegas home...You see, Aldie happens to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan while Shannon, who HAS been known to injure herself hopping on and off of bandwagons, is now a Red Sox fan after having lived in the Boston area for a short while...

Heh...Play nice kids...If my wife and I can survive (albeit barely) a Western Conference NHL championship between the Blues and Avalanche (which the Avs won...Remember that? It was cool.) then you can make it through this...Just be happy it's not the Yankees -vs- the Ass-tros, 'cause that'd of just sucked.

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