Monday, October 18, 2004

All Aboard... 

I don't have a lot of time to write today, although I wish I did because IF I DID, I would type up a post that could have people completely flabbergasted. (also, wrathful!)

Of course, since it's not gonna happen, why dwell on it. (did I mention "wrathful?) Feh. Anyway, I did want to share this, if only for the fact that it was disturbing, yet funny. I guess shock value is funny.

Yes. Yes it IS funny. But I digress...

I get a metric shitload of spam email here at work. I'm not kidding, I received nearly 1800 from this past weekend alone. I use the built-in Mac OS X mail client, what with it's intuitive junk mail controls and the fact that I simply have little choice otherwise. Most junk/spam gets filtered out, but precious few DO sneak through. When they do, I eradicate them (displaying extreme prejudice) by highlighting and then clicking the "mark as junk mail" option.

That'll show 'em...Bastards...

Earlier today, though, one wee piece of spam mail snuck through AND, through obvious (wee) voodoo and (wee) trickery, fleeced me into opening it and viewing it's vile content. It's (wee) message was simple (and wee!). It said:

There is your last chance to get on BOYLOVE train.

Of course, there was a link to click along with this (urgent) message. I didn't click it, but I laughed. I laughed because, well, it was really very to-the-point. I didn't realize that I had been notified before that the BOYLOVE train was about to head out, I must've just flat out missed it. Perhaps I missed the conductor yelling "All Aboard!" Perhaps I just flat out missed the other attempts to get me to purchase a ticket on such a dubious conveyance...I get a vision of someone receiving an envelope in the mail, marked in large red letters "FINAL NOTICE!" Of course, inside this urgent envelope would be details about the BOYLOVE train trip, accommodations, activities, meals on board and the like.


I do know one thing for sure, though...This "train" is leaving the station WITHOUT me on board. And this mail is being marked "junk" right....about....now.

(I'm gonna get some weird ass Google hits with this one...)

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