Monday, September 13, 2004

Who OWNS The Chiefs?.. 

There was SO MUCH that happened over the weekend, I'm hoping I can cover it all in one little entry...(taking a breath)...Here we go...

Worked at the radio station on Saturday morning. Also had to sit through a "mandatory" staff meeting during my airshift. What a joke...Anyway...

On Saturday evening, we had the first official Dead Money Poker Tournament at my house. Some of the invitees declined, others cancelled out at the last minute but despite such things (and thanks to a last-minute phone call), we still had enough (9 players) to make it fun and competitive...For this tournament, we were playing no-limit Texas Hold 'Em with blinds increasing every 20 minutes. I personally didn't catch enough cards to hold myself in once the blinds went up into the $250/$500 range and, as such, was the fourth player eliminated, right about the same time as Ray, and a while behind Trevor and my wife (who was first out). Playing for the big money ($20) at the final table were Collin, Sandy, Lorne, Jason and my sister Heather.

Collin, while he WAS having a wonderful run of luck before moving to the final table, became apprehensive (by his own admission) because he started to see the chips as real money...Due to this loss of composure, Collin was the first eliminated from said final table and, sadly, did not finish "in the money" as the kids say. Sandy was the next to go from the final table, finishing in fourth place and earning her entry fee ($5) back. Lorne, Sandy's husband, was the next to go. Lorne finished in 3rd place and earned an $8 prize. That left Jason (the Iowa Kid) and my sister (Heather Bee) squaring off for the big money top prize (and also the t-shirt that UPS misrouted to California). In the style of the big time televised poker tournaments, the $20 was brought to the final table to "show the players what they were playing for." Heh.

Long story short, my sister continued to catch cards, as she had done all night, and eliminated Jason in 5 hands. Jason came away with $12 while Heather earned $20 and the t-shirt (which should be delivered today). Congratulations to her and thanks to everyone who participated. It was big fun! We'll surely do it again soon...

Sunday was a day to do very little other than watch NFL football. I'm involved in two different Yahoo Fantasy Football Leagues, so just about every game on TV held interest for me. Initially, my wife was only interested in watching the Pittsburgh Steelers game seeing as she went to high school and college with Aaron Smith, who is a Steeler defensive end. Aaron had a good game on Sunday, including scooping up a fumble and rumbling 50 yards downfield before being tackled. Heck of an effort all the way around. Of course, once the Broncos game came on at 6:30, we were both glued to the set. A few of my observances regarding the Broncos/Chiefs game...

Bernie Kukar is a moron. His entire officiating crew are morons. Perhaps Bernie Kukar is too old to be an NFL official, or perhaps he's just a dickhead. Either way, if the NFL does not take any disciplinary action against Kukar and his crew, I'll be sorely disappointed. Again, Bernie Kukar can kiss my ass.

Preist Holmes IS the Kansas City Chiefs. They should change the team name to the Kansas City Priests and just admit the fact that they are completely one-dimensional.

Trent Green is ugly.

Dick Vermeil cries more than any man should.

Joe Theisman, for having played professional football, must not have retained anything. As a commentator, he's a failure. Still baffled as to how ESPN allows him on the air.

I thought that Pat Summerall had his drinking problem licked...Maybe not...Pat seemed lost during most of last night's game and sometimes was just mumbling about nothing...

Paul Maguire mumbles MORE than Summerall...he also trails off while talking about nothing to the point of being inaudible. The three of them are completely worthless, almost to the point of being Bernie Kukar-esque. I'd rather listen to two monkeys chatter and screech during the game than endure the constant stupidity that spews forth from Pat, Paul and Joe. You guys suck.

It's Quentin GRIFFIN...Not "Griffith." Get it straight, you'll be saying it a Hell of a lot this season.

Clinton Who?

Dick Vermeil...Did I mention that he cries too much?

Tony Gonzalez is no longer a viable weapon at tight end. Hey, Tony, you weren't interfered with, you just suck. Retire already.

Dante Hall, meet John Lynch.

Eddie Kennison is a quitter. He'll probably quit the Chiefs after they lose their first 4 games.

And finally, to all of those "prognosticators" who arrogantly claim to know SO MUCH about professional football who gave the Broncos no chance against the Chiefs, you can kiss my ass. Again, I know more than you do. If you wish to challenge me on that fact, all we have to do is compare fantasy football stats over the last 3 years.

Anyhoo, I'm done being an ass about it. Yay Broncos! Boo Chiefs!

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