Monday, August 16, 2004

Post Number 149: Filling Space With Pictures... 

In lieu of real content today, I've decided to present a "photoblog." This is in honor of the fact that, even though it's been some time since they were taken, we finally got the pictures of our trip to Las Vegas developed. There are also some hockey pictures and some house pictures that filled out the roll. As you'll soon find out, my wife and I are real good about purchasing a camera to use on trips, it's actually "using" the camera that seems to be our big stumbling block. Either way, you are cordially invited to view said photos starting....now:

On the left is my wife, Heather. On the right is her (twin) sister Shannon. Note the fact that they BOTH have the odd propensity to close their eyes in anticipation of the camera flash. Nature or nurture? I say "neither." I just chalk it up to plain old-fashioned "goofiness."

haaaaaaaaa-ooooooowww...Here I am in Ninja readiness pose. What's that? You say that it just appears that I've been surprised by the camera? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT THE CAMERA TO THINK, FOOL! Ha ha! I have that camera right where I want it...

Here is another photo of our pre- "going downtown Las Vegas and drinking and then going drunk bowling" experience. On the left is Shannon, on the right is her boyfriend, Aldie. Aldie doesn't like to have his photo taken, so this particular shot is rare and should be looked upon as such.

Ha HA! Drunk AND happy! I'm happy 'cause I'm at a bowling alley and I'm drunk...well...Because I ingested a lot of alcohol. Man, I love bowling. By the way, that shirt I'm wearing? Bought it at a grocery store. Yep. I'm a fashion ICON!..

As should be apparent, I wasn't the ONLY one who had been drinking. What is Shannon doing here? I can't say. (I had been drinking). We'll ask my wife, she took the photo...Hope she can remember (she drank too).

and so, we're done with the limited selection of Vegas photos and ON TO HOCKEY! Here I am, skating slowly toward my net to start the game. The color is screwy because it's taken through the glass. With no flash. The flash would've just reflected. Either way, here it is. The big blob shape in the middle is me, I swear.

These two nutcases belong to Perry (and his wife Peggy). Perry has played on the hockey team with me since it's inception and is a pretty cool guy. His kids are pretty fun to watch. They're extremely destructive. They're not really allowed over to our house. Still, they're fun to watch. Like at the Mall. Or their house.

AAAAND no more hockey photos. Here is the front of my house, as taken from across the street. I forgot to shut the garage. Oh well, the lawn looks green at least. Yay lawn!

And here's the back of the house. Don't laugh, the lawn looks a Hell of a lot better than when we first moved in.

And here's the office. Well, it's the 3rd bedroom, technically, but with the addition of the desk and a PC that doesn't really work, we now call it the "office." And yes, those things on the wall are all classic 45 RPM records. I love records...

And we end the tour at the bathroom. This is the bathroom that I got to decorate. NOTE THE ISLAND THEME! It goes well with most of my shirts. I feel compelled to say here that we don't use this bathroom much. So there.

And that's it. Check back tomorrow when I shall surely impart to you tales from my weekend...It'll be fun. I swear.

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