Monday, August 30, 2004

Me Belfry's Fine, Thanks For Askin'... 

Here at the agency where I work, we're WAYYYYY up on a "hill." Crown Hill Mesa I think is the official name of this "hill," but regardless of any moniker, it's a neat place to work, except during winter snowstorms when it sucks real hard. Anyway, I'm speaking of the PLUS SIDE of working up here...Let's see...We have a great view of the city, we get to see thunderstorms roll in over the mountains, we...um...Get to throw things down the hill...I guess...We have a group of deer that visit us regularly...We get a number of other strange wildlife visitors on the hill, too...We recently experienced YET ANOTHER BENEFIT of working on the hill last week...I shall now share this with you...now:

This is Melanie. She works here at the agency and she has a container with her. Melanie looks concerned, because INSIDE this "container" is something that Todd, our facilities maintenance guy found in the "Copy room." What could it be? Let's get closer and find out!

Ooh, whatever it is, she's smiling now! Yes, this must be something very special...

Ah HA! It's a BAT! Look at the greasy little bastard, he's probably scared out of his little bat mind...Serves him right for trying to take his daily nappy inside an advertising agency...He's probably lucky he hasn't been eaten yet...

No bats or Melanies were harmed in the making of this entry.

On the other hand, Todd (whom we've all recently become concerned about for some strangely homicidal thoughts he shared with us) expressed a desire to "take the bat home for his kids." Great move, Todd! Here's why:

(cut from the El Paso County (Colorado) Health Department Website)

The El Paso City-County Health and Environmental District is issuing a Rabies alert to all residents of El Paso and surrounding areas.

The Health District Laboratory has diagnosed two bats found by residents in their yards during the past two weeks as positive for Rabies. In one case, there was no human exposure. We are still searching for the couple that brought the other bat to the Animal Emergency Center on September 12.

Autumn is the time of year when bats begin their southerly migration. El Paso is situated in their natural flyway from North to South. 1-4% of all bats are positive for rabies. We are concerned about possible and unnecessary exposure to Rabies. If bats are found on the ground or appear to be ill or injured, report immediately to Animal Regulation and Disease Control.


Your dog or cat should get an annual Rabies vaccination to avoid exposure to Rabies from wild animals.

Report all bats found to Animal Regulation and Disease Control at 532-5966.


ah heh. Heh heh heh...Heh.

I SWEAR I didn't touch the bat, I only took the photos...I Promise...

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