Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just a Quick Note... 

Well, Audioblogging is fun as long as I have access to a phone. As I mentioned earlier, I borrowed my Mom's cell phone for the trip. It's a neat little thing, it can do all sorts of tricks (as long as the battery is charged) and it can get a signal almost anywhere (again, if it has a battery). What I'm getting at here is that, when I picked the phone up from Mom prior to departure, she gave me HER phone, but it looks like she gave me MY SISTER'S car charger.
So the phone, predictably, ran out of charge. My wife and I discovered the error this morning as we searched for a way to plug the phone into the charger which, after some time and remedial detective work, we found just wasn't compatible. So there's that. I have access to a 'puter today (it's my father-in-law's and he's out of town!) but won't again, most likely, until Friday.
The trip's been fun, though, I should say that much. It's been insanely hot here in Las Vegas, but I expected that. My wife and I went downtown (Fremont street) yesterday for the first time. I rather enjoyed it, in fact I think that I'd like to visit that area of town more often. Of course, the fact that my wife hit for 4 deuces on a "Deuces Wild" video poker machine helps. That win was worth $250, which was more than she had brought for the entire trip. I played some blackjack at the Golden Gate, but didn't fare as well as I did in Kansas City.
All in all, it's been fun. Still a couple days to go, so potentially more fun to go. I'll see you all soon enough. Have fun, don't work too hard, Collin.

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