Friday, June 25, 2004

It Is Like SOOOOO Sometime In Late June!.. 

What was it that someone said? "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?" Well, plagiarism be damned, I'm thinking of doing an entire week of "Homage postings" where I imitate other blog styles (even one where I just flat out DON'T POST to imitate...well...people who will remain nameless (for now).) I know, it's not an original idea. Heck, my own sister even did a Monkey-esque entry a while back. Anyway, since I've got some random thoughts rolling around today, but nothing solid, I'll start "Big Time Homage Week 2004 (now with reinforced safety cage)" off right the Hell here...

This weekend coming up promises to be BIG. Not big as in "Oh hell yeah," but BIG as in BUSY. Does that make any sense? Ahh, doesn't matter. Have a softball game to play tonight, still have things to do to get ready for the housewarming party on Saturday evening, have a garage sale in conjunction with Diana on Saturday and Sunday, still have some loose ends to tie up regarding that...AND I have to WORK (for sure, this time) on Saturday morning 7am to noon. The good news is, it's raining outside. If it keeps up, it could make the weekend less busy. The bad news is, it'd make the weekend less busy...
I was giving the phrase "Scared me to death" some thought. Actually, I was giving thought to the whole (blank) to death concept as a whole. I've never been anythinged to "death" yet and, as such, I'm still alive. I HAVE scared people "Half to death," in the past which is also an interesting concept if you think about it. Does that mean that another good scare will kill you dead? Do you have a hidden health meter like a character in a video game? Does your "scare to death" immunity build back up over time? How about when someone screams at you "You NEARLY scared me to death..." What the heck is THAT? 3/4 to "death?" 7/8? How much farther can I go? One more weak ass little "boo" and "ka-put?" I don't know if I've been scared down to near death yet or not, but I'm thinking I don't want to find out...
Went to Q'Doba again today. They were once again offering free packets of that damn "gum"...I didn't take any, but Collin ended up with 2 packets of the ungodly crap. A lot of people at here at work are aware, now, how much punishment this stuff is to try and chew. I'm feeling the groundswell, people! A grass roots movement against this "gum of doom" is on it's way...I'll keep you updated.
Non-Monkey movie idea of the day: CHERRY KILL (R) 2 hours, 10 minutes (US)...The story of a twisted serial killer who takes a job at a gum factory. After ingratiating himself among the higer-ups, he's placed in charge of product development. His evil master plan finally pays off when this gum company releases his "Cherry Chill" product. Some violence, adult language and slow motion scenes of mastication.
I receive keychains from people as souvenirs all the time. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate gifts...The problem with this is that I never attach any KEYS to these keychains, I don't want my keys to be weighed down and I don't want to wear holes in my pockets...As such, I've had to find places to display or store these keychains. I often wonder if my keychain collection gets made fun of by those keychains that see more use, or at least those that are used for their initial designated purpose. Man, it makes me feel kind of sad just typing about it. I'M SO VERY SORRY, KEYCHAINS! (sob)...
My Mom called me an "Idiot" one time ( a long time ago) when I was a kid. This was after I had "Scared her half to death" with some of my childhood shenanigans. I was taken completely by surprise when she said it and have never let her forget that she called me an "idiot," even though it's been more than 20 years. The other day, the "idiot" subject came up and she defended herself by saying that she didn't REALLY mean to call me an idiot like it meant 'idiot.' "I meant...I meant..." Seeing her searching for a word, my Dad offered "Like 'retard?' My Mom looks at me and says, affirmatively, "yeah, like retard." Like THAT made it any better...


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