Monday, May 10, 2004

Sturzhelm! Haifischskull! 

so, my mask made it's debut last night during the first game of our new hockey season at the chapel hills mall...WE WON! We beat the Agilent Green team 5-2...Frankly, I'm relieved...I didn't want to completely blow it the first time out with my new helmet...Just like any piece of equipment, there'll be a break-in period...It's heavier than my old helmet and the padding needs a few games to become more comfortable. Luckily, it wasn't too much of an obstacle for me. The whole team played well, in fact it was one of the best games I've seen us put together.

On the Shark Skull "tip," as the kids say...There are email communication problems between myself and Dave (I cannot receive his emails at all)...Because of this, every communication has to go through Dave's North American Rep. He forwarded me an email about the Shark design...David was extremely complimentary...his original email is as follows...

Subject: Re: Shark design


You are a truly artist!

I love it! Just as I wanted it, the body looks perfect! Could you just do a minor change, remove the "nose"-area of the shark, it look a bit like a human face, do it more like a fish/shark. I don´t really know how I mean, but I guess you know what I mean. And can you also copy the version and do the shark without the flag behind, and also one version with the crossed bones behind? And also a version that is "mirror turned".

Looking forward to see it!

Thanks man!

Best Regards/Bästa Hälsningar
DAVEART AB EuropeStudio

so, I made the change...Below is a couple examples of what I sent back...Hopefully, they're satisfactory...

that's all for now. I'll get some pictures of the house up as soon as I can...Also, yes...It feels good to be a "truly artist." Now I just need to work on being a "truly goalie..."

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