Thursday, April 29, 2004

They're Heeee-eere... 

Well, my custom-painted mask (featuring my own cartoons) arrived today, 3 days later than it should have (FedEx can kiss my ass, by the way). It looks awesome, Dave Gunnarsson did a fantastic job recreating my stuff. He did, however, leave off the phrase "Swedish Sieve" from the backplate which disappoints me greatly. That was kind of the whole point...But anyway...I'd show pictures of the thing here, but I suddenly seem to not have access to any sort of digital camera...As soon as I locate one, I'll post some pictures. I can, however, answer some of the FAQs that I've already received just showing it around work today...

Q: Did someone local paint that for you?
A: No, I sent it to Sweden.

Q: Isn't there someone local who COULD'VE painted it?
A: Mike Sanchez, if he had more experience painting helmets, would've been my first choice. But, he doesn't. So, "no."

Q: so, you spent HOW MUCH on this?
A: over $1000. Shut up.

Q: So, who's this for?
A: me.

Q: you're a goalie?
A: I try to be.

Q: You really play hockey?
A: So far, that's what it's been called.

Q: You're not really going to WEAR THIS while you play, are you?
A: well, yeah. That's kind of why I had it done.

Q: What if it gets hit?
A: it happens.

Q: What the Hell is that skeleton doing?
A: driving a thresher. He's the "Grim Thresher." Collin helped me come up with that.

Q: you drew these?
A: yes, and David painted them.

So there's that. Also, unless something changes, I will be taking some time off work (and likely from posting) for the next few days because my wife and I are going to be moving into OUR NEW HOUSE! yay! I'll post pictures of THAT as soon as I can too. Until then, adios muchahos...Thanks for reading.

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