Thursday, April 22, 2004

Thanks for the Pranks...(audio) 

April Fools day came and went this year with a minimum of fanfare. Frankly, I'd be in the mood to pull prank calls any day of the year, but on April Fool's Day, people tend to be much better sports about having their proverbial leg pulled. Of course, it also means that people are completely skeptical of any telephone call they may receive on April 1...I perpetrated a number of prank calls this past April Fool's day, none of which went terribly well...(Goddamn caller I.D. technology...)

This audio entry runs roughly 3 minutes, mostly because I went into it without a script of any kind and I didn't edit it down at all. I'd apologize for the sound quality, but I think it's understood that I'm not sitting in front of a Telex machine and a bank of processors...The audio file that follows is a conversation I had with "Rochelle" who works for IMS next door. She wasn't buying any of what I was trying to feed her...I guess I'm posting this simply because I had fun doing the voice of "Jimmy Wong..."

click here for the sounds, baby!

I have other pranks recorded that I may post in the future...Depends upon whether or not I can put together anything better...

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