Tuesday, March 09, 2004

My Movin' Pitcher Show 

I learned how to use Macromedia director 10 years ago when I was at DIT studying graphic design. I had already done animation on a Commodore Amiga using DeluxePaint 3 during high school. In fact, I should try and find a way to post that finished product, as lame as it is...Anyway, I messed around with flash one day at work. I don't do web design, only print, and I was in a hurry. So that's why these are as lame as they are.

Clicky, watch and try to enjoy...

  • first effort, mostly happy with the sound

  • because I'm weird. And I had a skull image lying around.

  • simple, but eloquent. Also, my first crack at credits.

  • I'm not proud of these, I just found them lying around. Enjoy the table scraps!

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