Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's Catch Up! Awesomecast episodes you may have missed... 

Oh, hi! How are you all anyway! Yeah, we've had more episodes since the last one that I posted here, I was just tossing them over on the other blog and then pinging my feed so that thems what subscribe via iTunes would be able to download 'em and I kept saying "you know, it'd be great if I updated the main blog." And yeah, never did. UNTIL NOW! ta-fucking-da...

Justin geeks things up and tells us all about his E3 experience:
Justin is the geekiest of them all

Randomly stitched together crap cobbled together from two different shows that weren't good enough to be individual episodes:
Paul, Still a total fucking badass

We chat with Paul the psychic octopus:
Paul is a total badass

Best things we've ever eaten (not including your mom):
Best things we've eaten

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