Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Awesomecast Episode 087 - Robb Spewak!.. 

Yes, I'm fully aware that last Wednesday I failed in my duty to provide you kids with a freshly uploaded awesomecast. Yes, I know that I succumbed to my uber-narcissistic tendencies and instead offered a video of me doing lame standup comedy. As an offering of peace to you, gentle listener, I give you this week's episode, which should've been next week's, but because it's longer than usual AND features someone famous (Robb Spewak from the syndicated smash hit radio program The Mike O'Meara Show), it jumped to the front of the line. I'm sure you've had just about enough of my crap to this point, so I shall type no more...Go ahead...Clicky to listen...
It's Big Time Radio Star Robb Spewak from The Mike O'Meara Show!
Even though I've referred to myself as 'Captain Verbosity' in the past, I'm sure you'll find when you listen that Robb takes that title from me with ease.

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