Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Awesomecast Episode 050 - Meat Is Meat... 

Crap! Crap crap crap! It's Wednesday already! Dammit!..

What I'm doing here is practicing for NEXT Wednesday...See, I'm going to be out of town for a little while and, with no awesomecasts in the can at this point, we may have to miss next week. Note that I said "may," considering that we've pulled podcasts out of nowhere at the last minute more than once in the past year (and yes, I know, it's obvious, shut up) so anything is possible. Anyhow, back to today, it IS kind of a milestone podcast in a way...Well, at least in the way that 50 is a nice large round number and today you kids get the 50th episode...Only two more weeks until our one-year anniversary...In today's episode, I goad Collin into arguments about absurd topics (you're welcome, Justin) and hilarity almost ensues...Clicky to listen:
Meat is meat and yes, I HATE DOGS

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