Friday, February 23, 2007

We Need YOUR Help!.. 

So hey, it's Friday! Look, I know that by not having a photoblog or a videoblog to share with you kids today, I run the risk of "not being consistent" but, let's face facts: if I'm still concerned with such matters after having blown "consistency" all to shit some months back...Well, that would simply be foolish, now wouldn't it? No, today I'm using this precious Friday blogspace to solicit help from you, dear reader...You see, Collin and I have been doing our Awesomecast since this past June and, since I'm kind of the sole approval process for these things, I decided to add a couple of segments to the ol' show. One of these segments will be called "Ask A Canadian" wherein I pass along queries from...Well...You people to a member of our "Stable of Canadians." Now, I have the Canadians all lined up, which wasn't hard...They're so damned polite that they're always willing to help. What I need now (duh) are the questions...This is where YOU come in...YOU can either email me (use that "Email Me" link on the top left) your questions or leave them in the comments here...Either way, we need them questions that I KNOW you've been dying to hear answered by a Canadian 'cause I'm not simply going to make them up...Well, I'll only make them up if I absolutely have to, so DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO! Submit your questions for upcoming "Ask A Canadian" segments today! or tomorrow. Or whenever, but submit...Thank you.

In other Awesomecast news, as I alluded to in this week's show, Collin and I (or any of the voices that have been featured on the show with one or two exceptions) are now willing to do up custom audio greetings for your loved (or hated) ones. It's pretty simple: if you have the inclination of presenting whomever is having a special occasion with up to a one-minute audio segment wishing them "happy whatever" from some unknown podcasters, all you have to do is email me (use the link! Top left!) with the details. Once the segment is done, it'll be emailed back to you in a convenient MP3 format that you can share with...Well...Whomever. It ain't flashy, but it's a service that we're willing to provide. Not necessarily a USEFUL service, but whatchoo expect, huh?

Another fun little item that Collin passed along to me is a newish site called Blog Talk Radio. With this site, you (or us) can schedule a brodcast which is done via a telephone linkup and then, when your show time rolls around, you do your show live and people listen to it as streaming audio. The great thing about this whole thing, though, is that when you're doing one of these shows on Blog Talk Radio, you can take callers LIVE ON THE AIR! Or...Live on the stream...But hey! Live callers! Our next show is scheduled to be broadcast via Blog Talk Radio tomorrow (Saturday, February 24, 2007) at 9:30pm Mountain Time (we still have "Prime Time restrictions" since we just started with the site). Our call in number for the show is (718) 664-6569 so, if you'd like to get in on the action as we record our show, feel free...It'll be the big fun.

So that's about it...Don't forget to submit your questions for "Ask A Canadian." As always, thanks for stopping by...You kids have a fine weekend now.


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