Friday, December 29, 2006

Vaunted Videoblog Vriday - ABBY!.. 

And welcome to another snowy and windswept Friday here in the Rocky Mountains. Much like last week at this time, we're in middle of one of those "snow and blowing snow advisories." Seriously, though, even though LAST week's blizzard was way worse and dumped more snow, blah blah blah, This week's blizzard (due to temperature differentials, I'd assume) has turned the streets into skating rinks...Nothing but ice, everywhere you go...Anyhow, enough of that crap, you've come to this site in the hopes that I'm going to give you fine folks a Phrickin' Photoblog, right? Well, you're not getting one of those, but you ARE going to get a video of my parents' recently acquired cat playing with one of the cat toys that she received for Christmas. So hey, if you've read THIS far, why not watch the video, huh?

So there's that...As always, thanks for stopping by...You kids have a happy New Year's celebration...

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