Monday, March 06, 2006

...We'll See You Soon... 

I will be out until next week so I can attend my grandfather's funeral. Thank you to everyone for leaving such kind comments, it means a lot to me.

Do you ever wonder, when you see someone that you love, that that meeting could be the last time which you ever see that person? Does it ever cross your mind, even briefly, that the time which you're spending with a friend or a family member could ultimately be the last time which you are able to enjoy that person's company? Generally, I never think of things in that manner...Conversely, from my seemingly overly optimistic and naive perspective, there will always be a tomorrow...Most of the time, operating on the same principal of a broken clock still being right twice a day, I'm correct that "life goes on." Sometimes, though, I'm proven wrong. As I'm typing this, just over six hours ago, my wife and I left my aunt and uncle's house and, among other people, I said goodbye to my grandfather Harold, shaking his hand and telling him that I'd "see him soon." He agreed, responding that he'd see us in a couple of days. We were both wrong.

Just over two hours ago, I received a phone call letting me know that my grandfather Harold had passed away.

My grandfather Harold was one of the four children which Anton and Olga Widegren, my great grandparents, whom I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet, had. He was many things in his lifetime, including a sailor, having served in the navy in World War 2. Additionally, he was a devoted husband to my grandmother Marjorie and a loving father to his 4 children including, of course, my mother. He was a carpenter for many years following his service and certainly knew the value of a hard day's work. He was honest, friendly, genuine, opinionated, faithful and thoughtful. He was a good listener, even long after his eyesight and hearing had failed him, always eager to learn what was going on in the lives of others and taking pleasure in his family's successes. I am very fortunate not only to have known him, but to have had the privilege of calling him "grandpa" for the past 31 years. While I have countless memories of my grandfather to cherish, none of them can take his place - I'm going to miss him very much...

Goodbye, grandpa. We'll see you soon.

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