Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Gots A Question For Ya...Well, 5 of 'em, Actually... 

And so, we've (I've) come to the "culmination" of sorts for the Interview Game, this being where I post the "interview questions" for the fine folks who decided to participate and be interviewed. I know that I said I was gonna do this yesterday, but...Well...I didn't...I can't say that I have a good excuse for NOT doing it, but at least I got around to doing it today...Ready? Good! Let's begin!

First set of posers for COLLIN
1. Back when you enlisted, please to enlighten as to what your motivation was for joining the Air Force?

2. Given the time which you had known me PRIOR to your dating my sister, who were you more afraid to have to "spill the beans" about you and her to: me or my dad?

3. What kind of car does Trevor have now?

4. Now that "C" is leaving the agency, whom will you write angry, work-related posts about?

5. Describe for the good people reading your responses your desk at work and the many toys contained therein.

Moving right along, we have questions for my sister, Heather
1. Explain how you acquired the nickname "Foot."

2. You enjoyed eating grilled cheese sandwiches when you were a kid, but never quite learned how to produce one in a kitchen setting. Please describe the time which you were saddled with the task of preparing a grilled cheese sammich for a hunchbacked, yet paying, customer.

3. In light of the Saturn Ion's "poor" side impact crash test rating, in which car do you feel safer: your Ion or Collin's Kia? Explain why.

4. If you had "children," what would you name them?

5. Explain, please, your disturbing fascination with ancient Egypt and it's related accoutraments.

The next in line to have questions thrown their way is Justin, who professes to enjoy looking at dirty pictures and the like...
1. Since you are so film-oriented, what do you believe is the best motion picture of all time. Explain why.

2. Since you seemed to think the doodle which I posted two stories ago was of a "dirty" nature, explain to the reading audience exactly what you believe was going on in said drawing.

3. So, what are your chances of being accepted to film school?

4. In stark contrast to question 1, what do you believe is the WORST film of all time and why?

5. Since I would eagerly participate in such things, when will Human Hamster Ball be ready for public purchase? I MUST HAVE HUMAN HAMSTER BALL! ahem. So, when?

And finally, my last set of interview questions goes to the inimatble, and completely evil, El Sid.
1. On an (evil) scale from one to eleven, please rate your evil and give us three examples (of pure, unadulterated evil).

2. So when (not if) you find your real dad, what's the first thing you figure you'll ask him?

3. What can I get without fish in it?

4. What had you chosen to sing during the "sans Sid" karaoke show we've read about in your little comments window? What songs do you enjoy singing most?

5. If you could see ANY singer or band perform live AND get those "backstage pass" things too, which band or singer would you choose (and why, dammit, why!?)

and there ye be...Questions for which to be answered! Have a fine "Wednesday," everybody.


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