Monday, February 21, 2005

A Quick Series of "Open Letters"... 

To ESPN and/or The Hockey News:

Get your shit together. If you think it's funny screwing with my emotions regarding whether or not there will actually be NHL hockey this season, you have another thing coming. I know where you live. I will hunt you down.

To Gary "The Count" Bettman:

You are an asshole. You know it, your family knows it, the players know it, the owners know it. Is your master plan to simply wipe hockey off of the face of the earth? It seems so. As such, you must be destroyed.

To the players:

You are a bunch of greedy jackoffs.

To the "casual hockey fan":

kiss my ass, there should be nothing "casual" about being a hockey fan. Scoring in large quantities does not a hockey game make. If you can't love the drama of a 1-1 tie game, stick with basketball or whatever lame ass sport you probably can't play anyway, or that you collect "cards" of, and just leave hockey alone. It's because of you that misguided turds like Bettman and his cronies want to make the goals bigger and do away with the red line.

OH, and to those who would seek to change the game:

If you can't appreciate the game for what it is, you don't deserve to have anything to do with it. screw you.

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