Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Apologies to Ray for stealing his exclamation for my headline

And so, it's official. I listened to the Kerry concession speech on the radio whilst I drove to purchase my lunch from Wendy's...I will sum up the speech for you...now:

John Edwards: And without further ado, the man, John Kerry

crowd roars, gratuitous hugging and groping between Edwards and Kerry

John Kerry: We fought the good fight. I love America and I love you. I want to hug all of you. I want to nuzzle all of you. If I could take all of America to bed with me, and Teresa's money, I would.

crowd roars, one of the members of the crowd yells something supportive

John Kerry:I love youuuuuuuuu!

Crowd roars

John Kerry:We lost because there weren't enough votes to win Ohio. But I will still be fighting for you!

Crowd roars

John Kerry:My kids stayed up too late last night. By the way, I love you!

and that's about it...Frankly, I'm relieved that Kerry was not elected. What people have to realize is that, when we vote to elect our President, we are casting our vote for the individual who will be Commander in Chief of our armed forces. I can think of few individuals who deserve THAT title less than Senator Kerry. Indeed, George W. may not have been the best candidate possible, but we'll never see, in our lifetime, such a candidate. Politics is a dirty business, one that decent people stand little chance of succeeding in...

Remember, the sun rises regardless of who's in office. We'll all be ok, in fact we'll forget about this divisiveness in no time at all...


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