Friday, September 10, 2004

Why Is There Bacon In The Soap!? 

Earlier, as in late last month, I failed to mention the fact that, on August 31 of this year, the 2nd Invader Zim DVD set was released to the public. IT LOOKS LIKE THIS:

Granted, Hot Topic had some copies in advance, but they quickly sold out. Anyway, the DVD is currently available at all of those places where you usually purchase your DVDs (providing that you don't routinely buy your DVDs from, say, a guy named Juan who brokers DVDs, burritos and trinkets from the back of a beat up pickup truck)...Anyhoo, if you feel the need to read some sort of official "review" for this wonderful little piece of viewable awesomeness, check out IGN's review here...I didn't read it, so if it's inaccurate...Oh well...

If you're not in the vicinity of any sort of chain store that sells DVDs and other crack rock-like entertainment products, you can order the DVD from Media Blasters...There, you can also find more useful info regarding the Zim DVDs AND, as if that weren't enough, it appears that you'll get a free Zim button if you...Wait, that's if you purchase the first one...Oh well, go there anyway, maybe things will pan out for you...I didn't stick around there long enough to tell...As for me, I have the DVD, I've watched it and I consider it to be "mostly good," bordering on "great"...The DVD contained more than one episode that I hadn't seen, mostly due to Nickelodeon's dickin' around with the original air schedule and stuff, so it was all very well worth it. Run screaming to your favorite entertainment store and purchase Zim today...


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