Friday, September 24, 2004

Skull Fractures and GSR and Such... 

So I watched the (real) CSI season premiere this morning before coming into work...We taped it last night because Heather had to go play hockey (her team lost) and, even though I COULD'VE watched it last night, I didn't. A couple phone calls during the program distracted me (dammit people! If the Broncos, the Avalanche or CSI is on, whatever you have to say can wait...I don't ask for much...) so I just left the room while it was taping. This way I didn't get confused and nothing was spoiled plotwise. I wanted to watch it BEFORE work today because I KNEW that it'd be part of the conversation today. I didn't want anything to be spoiled for me there, either.

I give it a B+ and, overall, I liked it. I know that Andy said (in his comments from my last entry) that he thought it was a bit busy, but it HAD to be, you see. Otherwise, the bitchy new DNA girl wouldn't have quit. Get it? Good. Yay for CSI!

Don't forget about the story contest at the forum, folks. We need participants, that makes it more fun. Everyone needs more fun. Go write. Thanks.

I added a few new links to my "I read these" section in the sidebar this week. Clicky and see where they go, unless you already know where they go...If that's the case, well...Go get me ice cream. Thanks.

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