Friday, June 11, 2004

Friday on My Mind... 

It's been a busy week. I'll be very glad when it's over and I can have a weekend...

WHADDAYA MEAN I DON'T GET A WEEKEND!? Oh yeah, I have to work on getting the merchandise up for my family reunion this summer. Cafepress really does rock (and roll), though, it's going to be fun doing up all of the different products. When the site for the reunion, and the corresponding cafepress site, is finished, I'll link it here, only because it'll make it look like I've been doing something worthwhile.

But, like I said, it's been a busy week. I know I keep saying this, but I DO HAVE REAL CONTENT IN THE WORKS. Things like audio content and more stories. And stuff. I swear to God, I do.

Anyway, on Saturday, at this little bar called Diamond Deb's on Arcturus, just west of 8th Street here in Colorado Springs, a group of "us" are going to sing the karaoke. I know it's a near impossibility, but if anyone reading this happens to be in the area, come join us. It'll be lots of fun...

But, I must run...I have more revisions to make (to actual work projects). So if I don't post anything worthwhile today (which is likely), have a good weekend!


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