Friday, October 15, 2004

Google Searches Gone Horribly Wrong (in Bizarro World)... 

For those of you who are, as yet, unaware that I (sometimes) maintain and update a "tribute site" of sorts based on Collin's blog which I call Fizzle and Poop...Well, I do. I'm really horribly behind on maintaining it because, lets face it, making fun of Collin is hard work, work that I haven't had a lot of time to do since...well...July...

It doesn't help that he found out about it. Thanks alot, Heather...

Anyway, I have one of those hit counters installed on the page, like I do on this one, and it rarely receives more than one or two hits here and there, but I thought I might check and see if anyone had stumbled across the site via any websearches. Turns out, it's happened. What follows are some of the searches that have landed people at the dead end of the world wide web that is the Bizarro Collin site...

Well that's odd...I must've spelled "contraband" wrong in one of my posts. For shame.

hmm...Odd again, this must be some sort of young people's punk rock band or something. I'm not gonna check it out, because I'm old. Also, because I don't like those meddling kids...Feh...

Jeez, people! I used the term "pantsed" in ONE POST! ONE! Leave it be...

kia carnival whistle
Is that anything like a weenie whistle? 'Cause...That'd be AWESOME.

Ok, I get it. I can't spell. Leave me alone.

jesus martinez chef
Ha! If there REALLY IS a Jesus Martinez out there who is a chef, and if his friends of family read the bizarro post about him...Well...They're probably concerned for his well being. That rules.

what doctor treats popeye elbow
Probably a doctor that operates out of the back of a van...The ironic thing here is that one of the guys on my hockey team has a "popeye elbow" which is the result of a torn muscle. He Even called it "popeye elbow" last week...I wonder if it was him...heh.

I love this one mostest...

oscar myers weiners mobile
Oh Hell yes. I hope they read the post, too...

someone pantsed, pantsed embarrassed, pantsed all the way, de-pantsed
Why in God's name is this so important to people!? Go "de-pants" someone in your own neighborhood if you're so preoccupied with it! Damn...

www.fat poop.com
I don't know what the Hell's there, but I ain't goin'. No way...


alice duke

picture of mice or rat poop
Why the Hell would you search for this? Are you finding little pellets around your home and wondering "are these just boogers OR ARE WE INFESTED BY RODENTS!? I MUST search the web to find out..." See, that's just weird.

All in all, this really makes me want to update the site more often...I'm sure Collin won't mind at all...Heh...

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